Audio & Web Conferencing Mobile App

A meeting doesn’t start until the audio conference begins. Join meetings on the go or start your meetings faster than ever using ReadyTalk's suite of mobile conferencing apps. No more PINs, passwords or access codes to remember.

Use your mobile device to start meetings right from your phone or tablet. Forget dial-in details and lose your access code.

The ReadyTalk Conferencing App is the fastest way to connect to a meeting from ANY phone – your desk, a conference room or on the road via your mobile phone. You can store these numbers right in the app making it easy to use the “Call My Phone” feature. Plus, this feature doesn’t use mobile minutes when you call any phone beside your mobile phone.

Remote start every audio meeting from your mobile phone.

  • Start or join meetings with one touch at any location. No PINs. No passwords.
  • The app syncs with your mobile calendar, pulling in your existing ReadyTalk meetings.
  • Use the “Call My Phone” feature to join via any other phone. And you won’t be using mobile phone minutes when you use this feature to call any other phone outside of your mobile phone.
  • Or simply select a name from your favorites to join frequently called audio numbers on the go or for those calls you join on a weekly basis.
  • Start or join scheduled meetings directly from reminders that occur 30 seconds prior to your meeting.
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A better meeting experience on the go

With one easy click, the ReadyTalk Conferencing App makes it a breeze to start or join a meeting, from the convenience of your iPhone or Android smartphone.

  • Use your mobile phone like a remote control to start your audio with just one click.
  • Store numbers and access codes under Favorites for frequently used audio calls (iPhone only).
  • Your meeting starts faster because the app calls you on any phone and if it’s not your mobile phone, you don’t have to use your mobile minutes.
  • There’s no button pushing, no remembering pin codes; the app has all the details.
  • Enjoy crystal-clear audio powered by Level 3’s reliable tier-one architecture.

App Screenshots

ReadyTalk Audio Conferencing Mobile App Screenshot #1
ReadyTalk Audio Conferencing Mobile App Screenshot #2