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ReadyTalk is now GlobalMeet Webcast! Host enterprise-grade, live streaming video events anywhere in the world. Cloud-based presentations for high-impact marketing & communications.
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What is GlobalMeet Webcast?
GlobalMeet Webcast brings enterprise-grade HD video and audio events to thousands of engaged participants. Improve executive knowledge sharing, reliably broadcast international events, sharpen your corporate marketing strategy, and accelerate employee onboarding. All within a self-service platform or with the assistance of our industry-leading event management team.
  • Large Global Web Events
  • Scalable For Any Audience Size
  • Multiple Video Bridges
  • Advanced Security Features
  • In-Event Branding & Customization
  • Live & On-Demand Interactivity
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GlobalMeet Webcast Features



• Broadcast webcam or video conferencing units (VCU)
• Automatic selection of streaming media choice based on the audience member's system for both live and on demand webcasts
• HTML 5 + iOS streaming (iPhone, iPad), Flash (PC, Mac, Android, BlackBerry PlayBook)
• HD video at low bandwidth using H.264 compression
Easy Schedule & Join

Easy to Schedule & Join

Schedule webcasts easily.

• Easy-to-use setup wizard that lets you quickly create your event. Your live webcast can be up and running within minutes.

Joining is painless for participants.

• 100% Web-based, no downloads for attendees
• Join from any device
• Customizable registration form
• Flexible confirmation options
Participant Engagement

Participant Engagement

• Create custom widget tabs with WISIWYG editor, including Twitter
• In-webcast polling with live results
• Share pre-recorded video clips
• Moderated Q&A between audience and presenters
• Post webcast surveys
• Convert & download content
Customization & Control

Customization & Control

• Web-based HTML editor for landing pages & emails
• Resize, crop and add text to images through the browser
• Automated confirmation, reminder & follow-up emails
• Open API, with connectors available
Archiving & Hosting

Archiving & Hosting

• Automatic archiving, accessible from the same URL
• Upload multiple video file types (.flv, .f4v, .mp4, .wmv, .mpeg, .3gpp, webm)
• Edit archived webcasts in browser
• Easy click and drag interface
• Delete, edit or add slide elements and timings
• Custom “chaptering” for attendees to navigate through your recording


• Track all webcast usage including registrant data, Q&A, survey responses and viewing durations
• Track registration to viewer conversion rates
• Create reporting filters to get precise data
• Subscribe to automated reports
• Download reports to Microsoft Excel
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How can I use GlobalMeet Webcast?

Securely reach global audiences and enable multiple video feeds with highly customizable web events.

Executive Town Halls Connect employees across all departments and locations, quickly joined from any device.

International Communications Present critical information with global localization and advanced security features.

Enterprise Marketing Increase brand awareness across all time zones with superior reporting, audience insights, and analytics.

Onboarding & Certifications Effectively train and educate your workforce with a 100% web-based user experience.

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