Webinar Specs

GlobalMeet Webinar Specs

Platform Features
• Broadcast your webcam or slides to a live audience in under 60 seconds using a 5 step wizard
• 100% Web-based, no downloads for attendees
• Invite guest presenters
• Webinar library with customizable folder structure
• Drag and drop webinars within your webinar library folders
• Copy previous webinars including settings and content
• View a calendar of your upcoming webinars
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• Webinar automatically selects appropriate streaming media choice based on the audience member's system for both live and on demand webinars
• HTML 5 + iOS streaming (iPhone, iPad) Flash (PC, Mac, Android, BlackBerry PlayBook)
• Windows Media (PC w/Internet Explorer). Available for audio-only broadcasts
• High quality video at low bandwidth using H.264 compression
• Multiple video window sizes available
• Integrated Telephone Bridging for Presenters
• Ability to add your own third party teleconferencing bridge
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Custom Design
• Create dynamic webinar registration landing pages with a simple (but robust) web-based HTML editor
• Create custom registration questions or allow anonymous attendees
• Upload your own banner, presenter head shots or other images to your custom landing page. Or link to images already on the web
• Edit images using a simple web-based editor. Resize, crop and add text all through the browser. Photoshop not required
• Customize your own footer language on your event page
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Email & Calendars
• Default settings automatically generate audience confirmation and reminder emails
• Schedule post webinar follow-up emails
• Web-based HTML editor allows you to create highly customized emails
• Built-in Outlook reminders on the landing pages
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• Synchronized PowerPoint with triggered animations and attendee controlled slide option
• Automatically create a PDF of your slides for attendees to download
• In-Webinar Polling with live results
• Moderated Q&A between the audience and presenters
• Automatically forward questions asked during a LIVE event to email
• Private chat for presenters only Share documents as downloads
• Share pre-recorded video clips
• Create custom widget tabs with a easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor
• Built-in Twitter widget tab
• Post webinar surveys
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Archiving & Hosting
• Live webinars are automatically archived once the webinar is complete, accessible from the same URL
• Edit archived webinars using only a browser in our On-demand studio
• Edit video "heads and tails"
• Delete, edit or add movie clips
• Upload multiple video file types to your webinar clip library (.flv, .f4v, .mp4, .wmv, .mpeg, .3gpp, webm)
• All uploaded video files are transcoded to .mp4 format
• Published webinars cut all .mp4 files together into one movie
• Delete, edit or add slide elements and edit animation timings
• Move video and slides using an easy click and drag interface
• Create a custom “chaptering” for attendees to navigate through your recording
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• Entire system runs over SSL (HTTPS://)
• Password protected login (ensures participants use valid email addresses)
• Referral checking
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• Track all webinar usage including registrant data, Q&A, survey responses and viewing durations
• Gauge ROI by tracking registration and/or attendees by day
• Track registration to viewer conversion rates
• Create reporting filters to get precise data
• Download reports to Microsoft Excel
• Subscribe to automated reports
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• Certificates of completion with the webinar tile and the attendees name
• Send in PDF format
• Can be granted Pass/Fail based on polling and survey questions
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System Requirements
For Speakers/Presenters
Operating System
Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Mac OS X 10.9
Intel Core i3 1.8GHz or equivalent
Internet Browser
Internet Explorer 11+, Firefox 42+, Chrome 47+, Microsoft Edge
(Live Screen Sharing is only available when using Chrome 47+)
Audio: Touchtone phone
Video: Monitor with 1024x768+ resolution support
Media Player
Adobe Flash Player 18+
Internet Connection
Dedicated high speed connection of 1 Mbps+
For Participants
Operating System
Windows 10, Windows 8.1+ Pro, Windows 7, Android 4.4+, Apple Mac OS X 10.10+, Apple iOS 9+
Internet Browser
Google Chrome 55+, Internet Explorer 11+2, Firefox 51+, Safari 9+3, Edge Browser
Audio: Sound Card with speakers
Video: Screen with 1024x768+ resolution support
Media Player
HTML5 streaming enabled browser4 Apple iOS http streaming enabled browser Android http streaming enabled browser
Internet Connection
Dedicated high speed connection of 900kbps+
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