The Cost of a Webinar Lead

In today's marketplace, there are so many lead generation tactics available that it is imperative we employ the tools and practices that lead to the highest return in the shortest amount of time.

Software integration is important. Combining as many tasks and activities into one tool is crucial. And saving time is the biggest priority so we can complete the other hundred tasks we have to do on a daily basis.

It is our philosophy that the quality of leads is better than the quantity of leads. Higher quality leads translate to a shorter lead nurturing phase, more dollar signs and a happier marketer. And webinars are one of the best tactics for lead generation efforts to pay off.

In this whitepaper you'll learn about why the cost of a webinar lead is justified in your marketing budget.

  • webinar considerations and benefits
  • the cost of bad data
  • how much webinars cost
  • lead generation tactic cost comparisons